søndag 2. mars 2014


Lately this has been running through my mind: 

When you open your mouth and bats fly out. 
This has been the general feeling.  When I have felt the words I have spoken, both out loud and silently, they have been bats flapping quietly and blackly.
What does it mean? It means exactly what it makes you feel it means. My words have been bats flapping. And connected to the pit of my stomach, which is connected to a rather larger something. All around you, everywhere inside you. At all time. And time itself is part of this which envelops and inhabits you, is you. I am of course these bats that are flapping too. Confusing? Not really, if you don't try to wrap your mind around it. Try your being instead. 

The dragon in you

Instead of hating the female(s), the girls and women who are tempting our men and teasing their fantasies, join them! Join in on the power that lies in the feminine. Take part in knowing, feeling and showing that power -- cat-like, wolf-like, dragon-like. The Destroyer? Why not. If you wish to be, you have that in you. Vanilla princess? Yes, go ahead. And why stop there? Be what you are, which is endless possibility.